Cupcake Vineyards & a DIY Wedding Reception Cocktail

by Brooklyn Bride

For some weddings where the couple is providing their own alcohol, sometimes it can be hard to figure out how much to spend for the quality of wine you'll be getting. I was recently invited to a wine tasting by wedding planner extraordinaire Alison Hotchkiss (Alison Events) for Cupcake Vineyards, and while I'm not a big drinker, I was pleasantly surprised by the price point, and more importantly, the taste! They have a full series of wines to choose from, reds, whites, sparkling,...

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5 Tips for Crafting the Perfect Signature Cocktail

by Valley & Co.

The signature drink is one of those all-important elements of fun that can stand out at your wedding, if concocted properly. Our couples look to Mr. Valley (aka Nick), to help them create that perfect signature cocktail based on criteria he's narrowed down from their favorite brews, liquors and tastes, as well as the ambiance they're going for at their event, the season and the menu. Signature cocktails can go so wrong and become a waste of alcohol and money if they're not created...

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