Vendor Marketing Tips: How to Upload Photos to Create a Gorgeous Portfolio

by Faye

Confused about how to upload photos directly to your vendor listing? Fear not, we’ve created a handy-dandy step-by-step guide. Read on, get uploading, and your images could be featured in our Wedding Planning and Inspiration iPad App or front and center on our homepage! Step 1. Log in, head to your Vendor Dashboard, and click the Listing tab. This is the where the photo uploader tool can be found.   Step 2. Click "Select One Or More Photos"   Step 3. Choose the...

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Vendor Marketing Tips: How To Sell a Bride in Six Steps

by Azure

Welcome! Now that you've got steps one (Approach) and two (Interview) down pat thanks to our handy vendor newsletter, read on to learn the four remaining keys to booking that bride! 3. Demonstrate: Now you get to start working the sale. Remember all those tidbits from the interview? Show and tell the bride how your services exactly meet her needs. Make sure to ask for any objections or questions she may have at this point. Interviewing is step two but feedback from the bride...

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