Bridezilla, Meet Bridechilla

by Azure

There's a new bridal sheriff in town, and she's a downright pleasure to work with. Her name is Bridechilla, and she floats through the wedding planning process with style and grace! Defined... Bride • chill • a : a soon to be married lady who is unflappable (cool, calm and collected), equanimous (perfectly poised, dependable and level-headed), and the true antithesis of everything a bridezilla represents. And I think all of us nearlyweds could steal a few pages from...

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The Micromanaging Bride

by Bitchless Bride

"Hello, my name is Bridey, and I am a micromanager." Wouldn't it be great if there were a support group for micromanagers? Particularly for micromanaging BRIDES? Seriously, I would love to lead THAT group! I would even make the coffee and bring the damn donuts. We would sit in a big circle talking all about allowing the wedding vendors to do their jobs without constant "direction" from you, bridey. It would be so enlightening... uplifting even! I am bringing this up because as I was...

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