The Ultimate Wedding Don’t

by Azure

Whether you're a wedding etiquette expert, or brand new to the game, you probably agree that asking for money in lieu of wedding gifts is tacky with a capital T. No matter how you cut it (or how you go about asking for it) it is simply a major DON'T. And have I got a cringe-worthy story to share with you today! A friend recently received a wedding invitation from a former colleague (who she barely knew), and inside the invite, there was an insert with the poem below... More than...

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What To Do When Ruining Someone’s Wedding

by The Broke-Ass Bride

I’ve heard about some bad wedding guest behavior in my day, but I still found this news item particularly shocking. (In short: I guess it started with a little inappropriate dancing with the groom, and ended with the same chick attacking the bride AND a few officers of the law). Which made me wonder - is there any way to redeem yourself after such an abominable display? Hopefully, your bad behavior was much less offensive than Ms. Brooke Burke’s - hopefully, you didn’t 100%...

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