How to Politely “Taste” Your Food – 6 Rules of Wedding Tasting Etiquette

by Bitchless Bride

With your wedding quickly approaching, some of you bridey’s are getting ready to chow down at your wedding food tasting. It’s really exciting because usually it’s the first time that things feel “real”. Like, you’re getting married, and this is the food that will be served at your wedding! How awesome is that? But, it is imperative that you read this post before you “taste”. As a wedding planner, I have had several incredible food tastings due to the pure talent of...

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5 ways to piss off your bridesmaids

by Azure

  There's nothing worse than a bridesmaid scorned...   Wondering how to keep your bridal party happy, smiling and going the extra mile?  Well it's fairly simple if you avoid the five missteps below:   1.  Budget-breaking attire: How much would you be willing to spend on a so-so dress you'll probably only wear once?  Think very hard about this before selecting the bridesmaids' dresses, unless of course you're footing the bill. 2.  Extreme makeovers: There once was...

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