3 Creative Ways to Jazz Up the Wedding Dinner

by Valley & Co.

You know us. We're all about wowing guests at celebrations with the simplest of unexpected touches. There's perhaps no easier way to accomplish this than with your dinner menu as it's a blank canvas to express your tastes, your aesthetic, favorite travel locales and nod to local bakers and farmers. With any one of our three creative ideas you will set the stage for a scrumptious and memorable dinner. 1. Serve up a tasting-style menu a la your favorite restaurant. This style of...

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5 Ideas to Personalize Your Wedding Catering and Reception Menu

by Azure

As intimate, sophisticated weddings become more popular, couples strive to personalize every aspect of their wedding day. In the past, "Chicken or Fish" was the standard in wedding catering. But foodies rejoice... those days are long gone! Today, wedding guests can actually get excited about the wedding reception food, because unique menu options that reflect a couple's culture, heritage and individual tastes are becoming all the rage! Here are 5 ideas to put a unique spin on your...

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