Finding Your Bridal Style

by Bride Chic

Every year or so I do a post on Finding Your Bride Style—guidelines to help you out if you're still going through a dilemma about deciding on The Dress. A few thoughts on this if I may. While living and breathing all the changes happening in bridal fashion through my clients, it wasn't until I actually got down to researching this year's post that I realized how much wedding couture has been transformed. These days it's you out there and not the industry paving the way—thanks...

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What’s Your Wedding Day LAMD?

by Azure

You shouldn't need one when you walk down the aisle, but it's always better to be safe than sorry! I love me some Andy Cohen and Bravo TV. So when Andy mentioned LAMDs (pronounced lam-dee, short for 'Look At Me Device') on Watch What Happens Live, I was instantly smitten with the expression. So... what exactly is a LAMD? It's a certain something that sets your style apart, something bold that draws everyone's attention. Like, a big hat, statement necklace, or dangerously high...

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