How your wedding shoes tell your love story

Posted by Azure on October 24th, 2011

Bride and groom wear Converse wedding shoes


All you need is two pairs of shoes, one bride, one groom and one unique picture to capture, and begin to tell the story of, your wedding.  You spend a year (or two!) planning every last detail down to what shoes you’ll wear down the aisle, so it only makes sense to ensure your photographer gets a keepsake photo of them.



The ‘shoe shot’ will tell a lot more about your wedding than you think. Your shoes reflect not only you and your groom's personalities but also the spirit of the day. A bride wearing high heels vs. tennis shoes or white vs. colored shoes, all tell a part of the story that you want your guests to experience.



Take a moment to look at these real wedding photos, all featuring different brides with completely different stories.  Just by these two pairs of shoes you can see a snapshot of their wedding day.  What was the weather like?  Was it a formal wedding or did they dance down the aisle?  Did they plan the attire together or do opposites truly attract?



Spend some time studying these pictures and begin planning your day of wedding shoes!

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