Impressionist-Inspired Bridal Shoes by B. Gall Designs

Posted by Bride Chic on March 29th, 2013

Finally someone's come up with some real game changing high fashion for feet!!!

Ever since pops of color have adorned wedding dresses via sashes, belts and jewelry, bottoming off your look with shoes that work in tandem with those accessories has been on trend. Imagine going a step further (no pun intended) with footwear blending real individuality into your look.

When Bonnie Gall Manning painted her first pair of dyeable satin shoes to wear to a wedding, she opted for Monet's Water Lillies to match her dress. By the end of the event she literally had a new business.

B Gall Designs is a collection of impressionist-inspired shoes with matching purses that can go with either a day or night time look. For me the charm of having a pair of these shoes is that they one-off a bridal look whether peeking out from under a hem or accentuating pretty legs in a mini-skirt--these are shoes you can enjoy and wear long after the wedding.

How do you like these hand-painted wedding shoes? Would you wear a pair down your white aisle?

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