10 practical, unique and affordable bridesmaid gift ideas!

Posted by Azure on November 2nd, 2011


Special to onewed by Gabi Gesch from BravoBride.com

Your bridesmaids are a compilation of family and friends, women extremely special to you. They are a support system throughout your engagement, the wedding planning process, and your wedding day, lending ears, voices and hands to make sure your celebration is as special as you are. Show them how much you appreciate their hard work, patience and friendship by giving them a special gift before your wedding. Here is a list of 10 potential gifts that are practical and affordable that your girls can use even after your big day.


1. TOMS Shoes: TOMS Shoes are a great gift to give to your bridesmaids for a variety of reasons. The main one being that when you purchase one pair of TOMS shoes, another pair is donated to someone in need. There are a variety of styles to choose from and are perfect for dancing comfortably during your reception! There are a variety of other one-for-one companies out there, check them all out to find a product you love.


2. Personalized Purse Hangers: What woman hasn’t been in the situation where she has nowhere to put her purse when she is out? These little purse hangers are the perfect solution! Small, cute and personalized! Your bridesmaids will love these simple little gifts.

3. Custom Necklaces: Want to have complete control on how your gifts look? Try making it! Go to a local bead shop and find beads, jewelry and colors that match your wedding's personality and create custom jewelry for your girls. A truly special gift indeed!

4. Personalized Robes: Robes are an absolutely a must for lounging around the house or while getting ready. Getting each of your girls a personalized cotton or satin robe will ready them for makeup and hair before your ceremony… as well as make for a cute photo opt!

5. Monogrammed Dress Bags: Help keep your girls dresses clean by providing them a travel dress bag. After the wedding, dresses are sure to stay dust free as they sit comfy in their new garment bag!

6. Back Rubs/ Manis/Pedis: Some gifts aren’t material. Pamper your ladies before the day of with a manicure or pedicure. Have they already gotten their nails done? How about hiring out a misuse for day of back rubs. No stress for any of you as you walk down the aisle!

7. Body Scrub: Another DIY wedding idea! Create your own body scrub for all of your girls. Find scents that match your wedding day theme or your bridal party’s personalities. If you want, you can even make a variety of scents to choose from!

8. Custom Clutches: Clutches are a fantastic gift to give your bridesmaids as they have things to carry throughout the day (most likely for you!). Shop around for really unique pieces that your BMs will love.

9. Personalized Mirrors: Once you find the perfect clutch for your bridesmaids, perhaps a special gift inside could complete the gift. Personalized mirrors are precious, practical and sentimental.

10. Lingerie Bag: Here’s a cute idea! Whether you purchase it or make it yourself, lingerie bags are a fun and practical gift to give. These little bags are handy to any woman who travels (perfect for bridesmaids going to a destination wedding!).



And there your have it!  10 unique gift ideas that your bridesmaids will love!

Have other ideas for bridesmaids' gifts? Post a comment below and perhaps you will inspire a blushing bride-to-be!

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