5 Ways to Earn an F as Maid of Honor

Posted by Azure on June 5th, 2012

Since wedding season is in full swing (and bridal party members are busy catering to the needs of their nearlywed besties), we thought it'd be fun to take a look at the naughty things Maids of Honor do! Or should I say… maids of dis-honor?? Here are 5 Maid of Honor No No's at the top of my list...

1- Get caught talking shit about the bride behind her back (Picture the MOH at the bridal salon waiting while the bride tries on dressesOmg can you believe Suzy thinks she's a size four? I mean, she's lost some weight but she's DEFINITELY NOT a size four!)

2- Show up late or too hungover to fulfill your MOH duties (this applies to all pre-wedding events & gatherings, not just the day of the wedding)

3- Stir up trouble within the bridal party (or between the bride & groom, family members, etc.)

4- Give a toast that goes too far (When in doubt, run the hilarious story about an epic drunken night, or your desire to mention the couple's shared love of pot, by the bride well BEFORE the big day arrives)

5- Over promise, under deliver (in any capacity, whether we're talking DIY projects, organizing the bridal party, or taking on tasks from the wedding planning checklist)

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