Good, Bad & Ugly Gifts for the Bachelorette

Posted by Azure on October 3rd, 2012
good bad ugly of bachelorette party gifting crochette pasties

How could you go wrong with crocheted pasties in full bloom?! By Sex on a Stitch

I could go on and on about bachelorette parties, and all the wild, stupid, and awesome things I've seen during brides' last flings before the rings. But today, we're talking gifts for the blushing bachelorette... from the best, to the boring, to the wildly inappropriate. So let's jump right in!

The Good - Tasteful is the name of the game. So when choosing a gift for the bridey in your life, keep it classy and get personal. Customized t-shirts, tanks, sweats, and lingerie/lounge wear are all good options, and jewelry and accessories featuring marriage-inspired motifs and messages are sure to be a hit. Another great idea is to put together a spa or beauty gift basket filled with your favorite products. This lets the bride explore new beauty brands, and indulge in some much needed pampering!


The Bad - There are tons of blah bachelorette party gifts that scream generic, so avoid these like the plague while shopping for your engaged lady. Tops bedazzled with "Bride-to-Be" are way overdone, and no matter how they're decorated or what they say, granny panties are NEVER cute. Other bad bachelorette party gifts are ones that send the wrong message. Like... a set of seven wine glass holders (one for every day of the week), or Lucite stripper heels transformed into book ends. You catch my drift??

good bad ugly of bachelorette party gifting wine glass holders

The Ugly - Even a bride with a great sense of humor would rather not open certain "secret" things in front of her mom, soon-to-be MIL, grandma, fiance's sister, etc. So if you feel like sparkly pasties are simply a MUST for your dear bridey, surprise her with this gift when it's just the two of you. Other bachelorette party gifts that fall on the ugly side of things? John Deere and sports team G strings, anything that vibrates (unless it's a tooth brush or neck/head/foot massager), whips, chains... you get the idea!

scary bridesmaids gifts crocheted pasties

What's the worst, and the best, bachelorette party gift you've seen? Share your thoughts below, and Pin It up to save your favorites!

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