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Glam, Vintage Inspired Styled Shoot

This gorgeous vintage glam shoot is inspired by the cool, crisp air & rich colour pallate that Autumn has to offer. The...

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Simply Stunning Centerpieces

Centerpieces have the power to transform a run of the mill table to an awe-inspiring reception dream. You can choose soft floral...

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Romantic and Rustic Cleveland Wedding

From the moment that Dan and Halle were engaged, they agreed that they wanted to throw more of a "party" as opposed to a traditional...

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Stunning Styled Shoot Inspired By An Overgrown Forest

Inspired by an overgrown forest, Chris Davis from The Drawing Room in Knoxville, TN and Leah Moyers Photography styled this gorgeous...

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These Sweet & Sexy Garters Will Make Your Love's Jaw Drop!

One of my favorite bridal accessories is one that is for your special someone's eyes only: the garter! Lingerie is always extra fun...

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Beautiful Tennessee Wedding with a Cheerful Color Scheme

There is something about a blue and yellow wedding in the summer that just makes me smile - probably because it reminds me of sunny...

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