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Posted by Azure on December 12th, 2011 the chance to win your dream wedding at The Empire State Building!

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  • The great Colin Cowie has launched his new planning website, along with an out-of-this-world dream wedding contest! Four lucky couples will win a Valentine's Day wedding ceremony & reception at The Empire State Building, along with a chance to win 100k in cash money! Just think--if you win your dream wedding from Colin Cowie Weddings, and win your perfect honeymoon from OneWed and Luxury Link, you can kiss your wedding budget worries away! But before you enter to win, check out Colin's answers to the five questions below:
  • Favorite Celebrity Wedding of All Time- Probably the wedding of Hugh Hefner to Kimberly Conrad at the Playboy Mansion in 1987. It was my first big wedding and I had no idea how famous the world’s most famous bachelor really was. I was brought in as a food consultant and ended up redesigning the entire wedding in just 6 weeks. I quickly realized that this was my big break and went into overdrive producing what I consider one of my best productions ever! I came here with four hundred dollars to my name and had been living in the US for less than 2 years when I got this opportunity.
  • Hitch or Ditch Wedding Traditions- I think my favorite wedding tradition is the exchange of the vows – it’s the spiritual highlight of the wedding. Also, there is nothing like the Father Daughter dance to get the party started. The one tradition we should ditch is when the groom 'smooshes' wedding cake on the bride's face when he feeds her cake – there is nothing worse!
  • Top Three 2012 Wedding Trends
  • 1- Instead of a traditional wedding ceremony aisle with formal chairs, seat your guests on ottomans lining a serpentine shaped aisle which is less conventional and more interesting.
  • 2- Black is so chic and definitely having a moment in the bridal space right now. While I do love black I always suggest using it as an accent color rather than your primary color. Think of black in the art deco era, black dance floors, modern furniture in black, and materials such as metallic and glitter paper can recreate the glamour of a bygone era.  Layer it with silver, powder blue and anthracite.
  • 3- Nothing is more stylish than when you offer the right blend of hip with the classic. If you're seeking a cool edge, consider the sensuality of an electric violinist playing along with the wedding DJ.  The surprise comes in the combination of the classical strings with the pop-beats of the DJ or band. An electric violinist can be quite versatile throughout the evening, welcoming guests with soothing music and then escalating to an upbeat, dance-floor vibe.
  • Favorite Wedding Themes or Inspiration- I love destination weddings! Destination weddings are a great way for brides and grooms to create a truly memorable experience for their guests. There is something very glamorous about jet setting off to an exotic location and celebrating the most magical day of your life with the friends and family you love most for 72 hours, starting with the welcome dinner, exploring the destination and departing on Sunday noon after the brunch.   Planning a destination wedding allows the couple a very intimate experience with their guests beyond the ceremony and reception.  My inspiration comes from everywhere; my work, my life, my friends, my travels, my team, everything.
  • Favorite Flower Combination for Bridal Bouquets- To create a classic and elegant bridal bouquet, start with a bouquet of pristine white vendela roses, add to that stunning stems of lily of the valley and surround it with a cuff of delicate green maidenhair fern. Classic and Chic.
  • I absolutely love these tips, ideas and inspiration from Colin Cowie, don't you?

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