A Little Gay Goes a Long Way in Crafting a Unique and Memorable Wedding

Posted by Azure on June 14th, 2012

Some of the most fabulous, stylish men I know happen to be gay. Surprised? Probably not. Gay men, in general, tend to put a little more love into looking good, and into living a stylish, well-coifed life. So attending a same-sex wedding can be a magical experience that titillates the senses, and loads you up with inspiration.

I never miss an episode of The Real Housewives of ((fill in the blank) because I watch them all!), and this season on New Jersey, the crew attended Caroline Manzo's brother Jaime's same-sex Chicago wedding. It was an outdoor garden affair with hats required, and I have two new obsessions after seeing Jaime and Rich's I Do's.

1- Butterfly Release: I used to turn my nose up at dove and butterfly releases, probably because the majority of photos on the web capturing these moments are a little bit ghetto (believe me I know, because I spent hours searching for quality photos for this post!). Think 1990's bride with big hair & poufy sleeves, possibly smokin' a cig, holding a rifle, or proudly displaying her Tweety Bird tattoo. But the Real Housewives wedding totally changed my mind on butterfly releases at the ceremony. It was a magical moment when Jaime and Rich untied and opened an elegant box to release a bevy of fluttering butterflies.

2- Wish Lanterns: These babies totally blew my mind! They look like mini hot air balloons (but in appropriate wedding white), and light up the sky like massive fireflies. I can't think of a more memorable way to cap off the wedding reception, especially when accompanied by a firework display (which is what Jaime and Rich did for their outdoor reception).

How do you like these two unique wedding ideas? One for the ceremony, and one for the reception! Have you considered either for your special day?

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