3 Creative Ways to Jazz Up the Wedding Dinner

Posted by Valley & Co. on April 23rd, 2012

You know us. We're all about wowing guests at celebrations with the simplest of unexpected touches. There's perhaps no easier way to accomplish this than with your dinner menu as it's a blank canvas to express your tastes, your aesthetic, favorite travel locales and nod to local bakers and farmers. With any one of our three creative ideas you will set the stage for a scrumptious and memorable dinner.

1. Serve up a tasting-style menu a la your favorite restaurant. This style of dinner service will allow your guests to sample several different entrees, just in smaller portions. It's a great departure from a standard dinner menu and especially perfect for foodies. Start with an amuse bouche, lead into a small salad and a soup shooter, then serve up demi plates of steak Oscar, a grilled salmon and a tangy chicken. End the tasting menu with a cheese course. You can also serve the salad last, typically a very formal statement and a popular way of dining in Europe. By altering the way the food is presented you're treating your guests in such an unexpected way.

2. Cleanse the palates. In between entrees there's nothing like a fresh palate cleanser. Think a basil lemon sorbet or a blood orange granita served in small bowls. Not only does it serve a purpose pre-entree, but it's an elegant touch at any dinner table.

3. Welcome guests to the table. A warm, homey welcome can be accomplished at even the largest of celebrations. Stage assorted fresh fruit and a honeycomb, crudites in bistro glass or personal demi baguettes and herbed butter at each place setting. Especially after a ceremony and cocktail hour, guests will appreciate sitting down and enjoying a little nibble before dinner is officially served. At the very least, a sweet menu or thank you note resting atop a lovely napkin is a nice sentiment.

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