5 Inside Tips from The Budget Savvy Bride

Posted by Azure on March 21st, 2013

Since starting to plan my own wedding, I've had to face one very harsh reality. Weddings ARE expensive, no matter how you cut it. So I've had a few burning questions on my mind about how to get crafty with your budget.

Luckily, our girl Jessica aka The Budget Savvy Bride, came through big and answered my questions, and I thought I'd share the nuggets of wisdom with you today! Ready to roll?

Best kept budget wedding secret?

Hosting your event at a public space for little-to-no cost. Think about public parks, the entrance to public buildings (like a library) in your town square, or even spots at your local university. There are a few issues you might run into, such as dealing with other people close by, following your city's regulations, or not being able to decorate as you might wish. But many of these locations would create a great backdrop for your ceremony, so you wouldn't even need many decorations.

Show me the best wedding you've seen for under $20k!

We've featured SO many weddings on BSB that it is hard to choose just one! However this wedding is one of my favorites because of all the adorable details that the bride put together to create a cohesive look for her day. It's somewhat casual, but the day is infused with so much color and fun creative accents that I just love it! They spent just over $10,000 *including* their honeymoon! Definitely budget savvy and proves you don't have to spend a fortune to have a gorgeous wedding!

What's your take on using friends or family instead of professionals to save money?

I think you have to be realistic, not only about your budget, but about the talents of your friend-ors and how much you want to ask of them. Remember, you want your loved ones to be able to enjoy the day too! Definitely take all of these things into consideration when choosing to work with family and friends in lieu of hiring someone.

It can absolutely be a great thing though if you have talented and willing folks to lend a hand. From having your aunt bake an awesome cake instead of commissioning an expensive baker, or arranging your own bouquets with your bridesmaids using flowers from the local farmers market - it can save you a ton of money!

Share your single favorite budget wedding tip or idea!

I have to say, that I am pretty proud of one way that I saved money on our wedding. We found a venue that allowed us to supply our own alcohol, so we shopped at discount stores for our wine and beer for the reception. Cheapo Trader Joe's wine was disguised by custom wine bottle labels we DIY'd so no one was the wiser!

Any new or hot trends for budget weddings this year?

I wouldn't say it's new by any means, but DIY is key to having a budget wedding. Finding ways to do things yourself or with the help of friends. Another thing I've seen a lot of lately is hosting your wedding during hours not associated with meal times, so you can avoid having to serve a full meal. Getting married at 2 pm bypasses lunch and dinner, so you could get away with serving light hors d'oeuvres and wedding cake if you are on a super tight budget!

I feel like many budget brides are more laid back about things, so they are opting for more casual catering options. Choosing foods like barbecue or a taco bar from a local restaurant instead of a caterer can be a great way to save some cash!


Pretty great tips don't you think? Share your thoughts on planning on a budget in the comments section below!

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