Bridezilla, Meet Bridechilla

Posted by Azure on September 17th, 2013

There's a new bridal sheriff in town, and she's a downright pleasure to work with. Her name is Bridechilla, and she floats through the wedding planning process with style and grace! Defined...

Bride • chill • a

: a soon to be married lady who is unflappable (cool, calm and collected), equanimous (perfectly poised, dependable and level-headed), and the true antithesis of everything a bridezilla represents.

And I think all of us nearlyweds could steal a few pages from bridechilla's book!

You might find bridechilla sipping cocktails poolside before heading to her rehearsal dinner, or getting down and dirty with the kiddos at the wedding. You won't, however, see her going nuclear on her planner, ripping her groom a new one, or breaking down in tears for the umpteenth that day.

Here are five potentially sticky wedding situations, and how a bridezilla vs. a bridechilla would react:

Last minute RSVPs.
  • Bridezilla... takes to Facebook to call out any guests who have not RSVP'd, and follows it up with nasty texts and emails to really drive her point home.
  • Bridechilla... sends a friendly email reminder BCC'ing all non-RSVP'd guests, highlighting the fact that her big day just won't be the same without them.
A pimple appears the morning of the wedding.
  • Bridezilla says... SEE bridesmaids (planner, and anyone else in her direct line of fire), I told you if you didn't stop stressing me out this would happen!
  • Bridechilla says... Thank God for concealer and a professional makeup artist!!
Tardy or unprepared bridesmaids.
  • Bridezilla... threatens to give them the boot if they don't shape up, and goes out of her way to voice her frustrations to anyone who will listen.
  • Bridechilla... steps up to help her rookie 'maids, and revises the wedding party's schedule to account for a bit of tardiness.
Wedding timeline changes made at the eleventh hour.
  • Bridezilla... huffs and puffs, questions the professionalism of her planner or DOC, and steadies a hateful glare on the poor soul responsible for the timeline changes. And don't forget those crocodile tears!
  • Bridechilla... takes the revisions like a champ, and thanks her planner or DOC for keeping her on her toes!
Predictions of rain on the wedding day.
  • Bridezilla says... O.M.G. I knew this would happen. If I feel a SINGLE drop of rain today... bridesmaids and planner, you WILL regret it.
  • Bridechilla says... Don't they say that rain on the wedding day is good luck?! Heck yea!

So... what do you think of this new breed of bride? She sure beats the bridezilla, don't you think?? Sound off below!

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