Choose Wisely - Fight the Fight Not the War

Posted by Bitchless Bride on August 14th, 2012

Hello brideys. Well I certainly hope that you all had an amazing, fun-filled weekend, I am guessing that some of you had the unfortunate experience of duking it out with your fiancé, mother, father, mother-in-law or even the Holy Ghost. But, no matter what happened, you have to consider what is worth the fight, and what's not. Because your sanity during the wedding planning is at stake if everything is a fight.

I'm currently working with a lovely bride who is receiving a healthy contribution from her parents, and as generous as they are, she is also receiving quite a few "contributions" or opinions from them as well (check out BB's post about money and expectations). And as calm and collected as she has been, I can see that she is about two shakes away from losing her shit, and going completely ballistic on her folks. And you know what that will accomplish? Nothing. Actually, it might accomplish something... It might convince them to cut-off all financial support, leaving her high and dry without a cake to smash. The answer... Fight the fight, not the war.

It's okay to give in on the little things. For instance, who cares if you hate the salmon canapé that your mom loves as a passed hors d'oeuvre option. You don't have to eat it. Let her have it, so when YOU choose an elaborate cake design which adds five dollars per person to the bottom line, you can casually remind her that she got the salmon. See what I mean? Allowing for the little things that don't make a big difference in the scheme of the day will open the doors to your freedom for the things that DO matter.

Girls, you pickin' up what I am puttin' down? These little "wins" for your major contributors will go a long way. Trust me, it's in YOUR best interest to lose the fight, but win the war. Got it?

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