3-step DIY wedding project using mason jars

Posted by Azure on November 2nd, 2011


Now that you know all the fabulous ways to incorporate mason jars into your wedding (thanks to our oh-so-lovely guest blogger, Chandra of Oh Lovely Day), it's time for a little DIY wedding project!


In this simple 3-step tutorial, we'll marry vintage chic mason jars with romantic lace, and light them up with flickering candles.  Let's jump to it, shall we?

Shopping list

  • + mason jars
  • + thick lace ribbon or strips of lace
  • + spray adhesive
  • + twine
  • + candles


DIY steps

1.  Measure and cut your lace so each strip wraps nicely around the width of the mason jar.

2.  Apply adhesive to the lace strip, and fit to the mason jar (trying to center it evenly).

3.  Insert your candle and tie twine around the mouth of the mason jar.


How's that for an easy shmeezy DIY wedding project?

Once you complete these three simple steps, you're 99% done.  All that's left to do is to light your candles, a perfect job for your groom and his groomsmen!

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