25 Handmade Wedding Treasures that Hit All the Right Notes

Posted by Azure on November 27th, 2013

Do you and your soon-to-be share a love of classical, jazz, rock 'n roll, or just music in general? I know my guy and I do! We bring Pandora with us wherever we go, and agree wholeheartedly that splurging on an amazing wedding band is totally worth it!

But you can showcase your love of music with more than just an incredible band or kicka** playlist, and sites like Etsy make it a breeze.

Now you can infuse vintage sheet music and musical notes, and quotes or snippets from your favorite bands or songs, all throughout your wedding ceremony and reception! Just take a look at 25 handmade Etsy treasures below to see what I mean...

Would you include any of these musical beauties in your wedding day? If yes, which handmade finds are your favorite?

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