What NOT to Wear for MOBs and MOGs

Posted by Azure on February 28th, 2012

Few bloggers and fewer brides have dared broach the subject... because the mere thought of a sit-down with the soon-to-be MIL about the do's and don'ts of wedding day fashion makes even the boldest bride recoil.

But let’s be honest. You want your mom and soon-to-be MIL looking a certain way at the wedding, just as you want each and every detail to be picture perfect. Some moms love fashion and others don’t have a clue, but every mom prepping to walk her child down the aisle could use a little help in the style department. And we are here to help! So check out our list of top fashion don’ts for the MOB or MOG, and pass it along  or let your fiancé do the dirty work! Just kidding.

Pick Your Own Palette—Veering outside the color guidelines given by the bride is a major no no. Typically the bride will ask each mom to wear a specific color, or color within a palette, and will plan the attire for her wedding party with this in mind. So when mom decides to go off on her own with the color of her choice, it throws the bride for a loop and adds unnecessary stress to the wedding day.

Dare Wear White—With the resurgence of all white weddings, this fashion don’t might not apply to everyone. But moms, before you dare where white to your son or daughter’s wedding, make sure to OK it with the bride ahead of time.

Reveal Too Much—Weddings are meant to be timeless and classy occasions, and no bride wants everyone talking about the scandalous dress her mom (or groom’s mom) wore down the aisle. To make sure this doesn’t happen, avoid strapless and low cut necklines, slinky fabrics, and short hemlines for the moms in the wedding.

Accessorize Like A Bride—I thought this was a given, until I saw Lisa Vanderpump of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills wear a tiara to her daughter’s wedding. She later defended her choice (saying it was her daughter’s request), but here’s our take—the bridal-esque accessories should be left for the bride!

Tailoring Train Wreck—We can’t stress the importance of tailoring enough! A mom walking the aisle in a poorly tailored dress looks sloppy, and can ruin an otherwise elegant wedding ceremony.

Forget Your Age— A 50 year old dressed like she’s 21 is not a good look, period. So if you can find it in the Junior’s department or on a girl headed to prom, it’s probably not wedding appropriate for your mom or future MIL. Choose dresses designed for women 30 years and up, and don’t be afraid to veto a choice that is not age appropriate.

Find A New Dress—Mothers can be sneaky, and if your mom or future MIL were to show up to the wedding with a dress you’ve never seen or approved, it wouldn’t be the first time. But it’s a major fashion don’t, and under no circumstances, should the bride be surprised by what either mom is wearing the day of the wedding.

What do you think, brides? Are you having anxiety about what your mom or future mother in law will wear down your white aisle? Just in case, we've rounded up some of our favorite gowns for MOBs and MOGs. Isn't the spicy red off-the-shoulder number by Pronovias (above) to die for? Perfectly appropriate for moms walking the aisle!

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Mother of the Bride dresses from Nordstrom Wedding Suite and Watters

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