Vendor Marketing Tips: How To Sell a Bride in Six Steps

Posted by Azure on February 27th, 2012

Welcome! Now that you've got steps one (Approach) and two (Interview) down pat thanks to our handy vendor newsletter, read on to learn the four remaining keys to booking that bride!

3. Demonstrate: Now you get to start working the sale. Remember all those tidbits from the interview? Show and tell the bride how your services exactly meet her needs. Make sure to ask for any objections or questions she may have at this point. Interviewing is step two but feedback from the bride throughout the process is valuable to adjust your pitch.

4. Validate: You strutted your stuff during step three, now it is time to validate and back up your claims. You have a number of ways to achieve this goal. Offer testimonials of satisfied customers and past vendors you have worked with before (don't forget to point her to your ratings & reviews on OneWed), show her examples of past work, and finally tie this support back to why the bride will benefit from hiring YOU for her wedding day. In the end, this step is all about proving to the bride that your services will provide a valuable wedding day experience.

5. Negotiate: In many countries around the world, negotiating is a time-honored tradition but generally people in the U.S. dislike it. The best part of the six selling steps is that if you have done your homework with the bride, you will understand her needs well enough to make the negotiation process simple. For example, she may have raised an objection during step 3 that your cakes were outside her budget but she really likes your work. If in step 4 you proved that you can offer her value, she may be inclined to up her budget or make trade-offs to book you. You may also find a creative compromise to meet her tight budget - a smaller wedding cake with smaller pieces for guests and an order for an anniversary cake in a year. She saves money now and you have two guaranteed sales.

6. Close: Ask for the sale! You get what you ask for; still, many feel uncomfortable directly asking for the sale. If you feel uncomfortable, try this technique. Ask the bride questions such as "When would you like to sign the contract?" or "Should we get to work finalizing details of the big day?" If she doesn't want to sign, use this as an opportunity to reopen the conversation and understand what objections still remain. You may have missed something in one of the earlier steps or you may realize that a deal is not achievable.

Keep in mind- going through the six steps in order is not a hard and fast rule. As you get comfortable with the process you'll start developing a personal style and order that works well for you!

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