When To DIY, When To Call On The Pros

Posted by Azure on January 26th, 2011

Weddings continue to become more extravagant, with a focus on little details that add up to real dollars! I read all types of blogs highlighting extravagant weddings costing hundreds of thousands, and I also read about creative ways for brides to save money and not break the bank (or the wedding budget!). So, the question becomes when do you DIY... and when do you splurge in the name of convenience?

It's easy to say that you want a simple centerpiece with a few flowers, and then go to a wholesaler to save money on the wedding flowers and vases. But now you are left with 500 flowers to assemble yourself. You plan ahead and immediately after your rehearsal dinner you go home to begin arranging your centerpieces... all evening long... and then the next morning, who takes them to the reception? Have you planned ahead and decided on who will actually be setting the centerpieces on the table? Have you planned who will be staying late after midnight cleaning them up?

When you do it yourself you are not just creating the centerpiece - you are planning every detail from start to finish. This may be worth it to you, and I know many brides who've create beautiful handmade centerpieces. It can be done, but you must consider the opportunity cost of time and stress vs. paying a pro wedding florist to take on the large task.

Another popular DIY project for brides is the wedding invitations. I've found that these are easier to do it yourself because you are not assembling them the week of your wedding, these need to be sent out in plenty of time for your guests to RSVP. The time consuming part comes in the designing, printing and assembling each invitation. Remember, most weddings have upwards of 200 invitations, each with multiple inserts, calligraphy on the envelopes, stamps and additional details. Gathering a group of your friends and family can be a successful way to quickly assemble them in a day or two together. Again, is printing all of the paperwork, addressing each envelope and aligning each invitation worth saving the extra dollars or is that stress you'd rather avoid? Truly, it depends on the bride!

There are plenty of ways that brides plan to save money such as cooking the rehearsal dinner at home, taking on designing and producing all of the escort cards, programs and favors and personally putting on all 200 chair covers for their guests to avoid the additional fees. I raise my glass to the bride that can take on all of the DIY projects out there and still walk down the aisle without being stressed out. But for most brides who are planning weddings on top of working 40+ hour weeks, don't be ashamed to rethink paying the extra cash to have someone else help you out on your big day! There is no shame in needing help- I actually suggest it at times to keep your sanity!

What did you, or will you, DIY? And what To Dos did you choose to pay the additional fees for help from the professionals to maintain your mental health?

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