5 Easy Ways to Infuse YOU into Your Wedding Day

Posted by Azure on March 12th, 2013

Depending on the size, style, and location of your wedding, chances are good that not every single guest in attendance will know all about you and your groom. There will be guests from your groom's side that you may be meeting for the first time, and extended family members or friends for you to introduce your new hubby to.

And here's a cold hard fact. The more that wedding guests feel like they know the couple getting hitched, the more engaged and excited they are to be part of it all, and the more fun they'll have at the wedding. Truth!

So in order for your wedding to be memorable for all, you MUST infuse bits & pieces of you and your groom (your likes, shared interests, hobbies, love story, style, etc.).

Not quite sure how to do this? We've got you covered! Five fabulous ideas await...

1.  A wedding theme that captures your personality and style - Think about how the people who know you best would describe you and your groom, and the things you enjoy doing most as a couple. Are you all about the rustic outdoors? Love vintage movies and Old Hollywood style? Or consider the beach your favorite escape? Whatever you decide, try incorporating one or more of these things into your overall wedding theme. It'll give guests an instant snapshot of who you are and what you're about!

2.  Mad Libs or fun facts cards at the reception - Give guests something fun to do and help them get to know you by placing mad libs they can fill out or fun facts cards to read, on your cocktail hour high boys or reception tables. These gems will also help break the ice for those seated at the singles table!

3.  An unforgettable first dance that tells your love story - Don't be the couple with the played out first dance song and snooze-worthy routine, especially if you want guests to truly get to know you. Instead, think outside the box and try to choose a song that perfectly captures your amazing love, conveys something special about your relationship, or spotlights your favorite type of music or style of dance.

4.  A customized reception menu featuring your top eats - Delicious food always wins guests over, but a menu that incorporates your favorite cuisine(s) or dishes will also give everyone a taste of what you love. Plan your dinner menu around the type of cuisine you love most- Italian, Indian, French, Japanese, etc.- or take guests around the world with several of your favs. Then showcase a few of your all-time top treats (sweet or salty) during cocktail hour or with a late-night snack.

5.  Your favorite things as table numbers or favors - Everyone knows that my fiancé and I LOVE chardonnay, so I'm already thinking about all the ways we can infuse this into our wedding day. One idea is to name each reception table after a different one of our favorite wines (Lewis, Peter Michael, Kistler, Far Niente, etc.), leaving a bottle on each table for guests to indulge in and taste. But if you love to travel, why not name your tables after your favorite destinations? Or give guests personalized luggage tags as favors to convey your jet-setting lifestyle?

What do you think of these creative wedding ideas? Have a great tip to add to our list? Share it below or tweet @OneWed!

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