7 Bucket List Items for Brides

Posted by Azure on April 1st, 2013

It's not a bad idea to come up with a bucket list of things you want to do before you enter into wedded bliss. Because any married couple will tell you that the moment you say I Do, everything will change. For better or for worse.

To help you get those creative juices flowing, we've come up with a list of seven bucket list items to consider (from things you can do during pre-wedding festivities, to items to check off on the actual wedding day). Ready to jump right in?

1. Share a steamy honeymoon fantasy with your future MIL.

2. Plant a whoopie cushion where the Best Man will be seated at the ceremony.

3. Act like a true diva. Why? Because you can.

4. Extend a last minute wedding invite to an ex who did you wrong.

5. Dare your MOH to make a move on your groom, to test of his loyalty before you say I Do.

6. Make a dramatic announcement during the rehearsal dinner that cold feet have taken over, and that the wedding is off. Pause.... continue long pause... and once you see the look of trepidation on your groom's face, yell Psych!

7. Get your money's worth and more from the open bar, to the point that your groom has no choice but to carry you over the threshold at the end of the night.

Now that you've indulged in our Bucket List for Brides, take a look at the date at the top of the blog post... April Fool's!!

How far into our ridiculous list did you get before thinking, hmm... is this for real?! I mean, given that the advice you find on OneWed is usually spot on (wink wink). At the very least, we hope this April Fool's post gave you a fun start to your day, week, and the month of April!

Have a very happy April Fool's Day, brideys, bloggers, and wedding pros! Xo

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