9 Tips for Kim Kardashian’s Wedding Planner

Posted by Azure on November 4th, 2013

Like it or not, the Kimye wedding is officially on. And the third time bride has made the daring decision to relinquish planning control to her opinionated groom. Sounds a bit scary don't you think?

Well... it doesn't have to be! Using our vast experience witnessing the best and worst of real and celebrity weddings, and our knowledge of the couple and the media's Kimye obsession, we've come up with nine priceless tips for Kim and Kanye's wedding planner.

While the task of planning this affair will still be a doozy, the nuggets of wisdom below will certainly lighten the load. Let's jump right in, shall we?!

1 - Keep the momager of all momagers, Kris Jenner, busy as a bee with miniscule planning tasks that seem ultra important. To ensure that Kim and Kanye's special day doesn't become a KUWTK spectacular, serve as the level-headed liaison between bride-to-be and momager.

2 - Make sure the bride understands the golden rule of wedding day selfies: Clothing is NOT optional.

3 - Present Kanye with a handful of scenarios that typically play out between the bride, groom, and photographer(s) on the wedding day. If he flips out or jacks the camera at any point, then it's probably best to keep your lips sealed when asked for your personal wedding photographer recommendations.

4 - Be very strategic about where you place the head/sweetheart table (where Kanye will be seated) in relation to where the toasts will be taking place. Why? Because you don't want a repeat of the infamous Taylor Swift speech bomb at the 2009 VMAs.

5 - Break down the less is more bridal equation for Kim:

  • Less is more < for number of outfit changes, white aisle accessorizing, makeup, and overall hoopla surrounding the I Do's.
  • More is more > for covering up the bride's assets, and using the high-profile nature of the wedding to give back to charity.

6 - Shoot down any and all talk of leather sweatpants down the aisle from Kanye's camp right off the bat. The bride and posterity will be forever grateful.

7 - Review all speeches and toasts ahead of time, and edit out any lighthearted jabs and jokes at Kanye's expense. Point to the groom's recent BBC interview and Jimmy Kimmel's failed attempt to poke fun at it in the event you receive push-back from those speaking at the wedding.

8 - Create a No Social Media zone in Kim and Kanye's wedding night suite to avoid an embarrassing accidental Tweet or Instagram that is sooo NSFW.

9 - Make certain that Kanye's latest MO, comparing himself to God and Yeezus, doesn't play out in a traditional place of worship, like, the ceremony church.

So there you have it! Nine tips and tricks for the fearless planner who takes on the big Kimye wedding!

What other pieces of advice would you add to our list? Share them in the comments section below!

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