How NOT to Dress for a Traditional Wedding

Posted by Azure on July 16th, 2012

Call me a prude, conservative, or old school, but even in this modern wedding world, I like to keep my shoulders covered when the ceremony is taking place in a sacred place of worship. I know this is hardly a requirement these days but for me, it just feels right.

That's not to say I judge guests who don't cover up with a shawl, cape or cardigan. But I have seen some cringe-worthy choices by female guests this wedding season, some that were definitely NOT appropriate for a religious ceremony venue, and some that were just bad all around. And I felt it was my duty to share them with you. So ladies, if you've got a church, synagogue, or chapel wedding coming up, please don't...

1- Wear a dress with cutouts. It's totally possible to show skin in a classy way, but a frock that bares your curvacious waist or side is not the way to do it. I saw this at a Catholic wedding a few weeks back, and was beyond mortified for the guest in question.

2- Wear a backless, strapless dress. We love backless dresses, but not for religious ceremonies. Unless it's as classy and elegant as Kate Middleton's lace-covered look (by Elie Saab) above! But when you go backless, strapless, and sleeveless, it's probably not wedding appropriate. So debut that sassy backless number at the bachelorette party, and choose something a bit more conservative for the ceremony.

3- Let your bra or panties show. Obvious right? Well, clearly not (as I saw multiple offenders at a church wedding I attended this weekend). If you choose to wear a strapless dress, make sure to pair it with a strapless bra (duh), and have your +1 (or friend attending the wedding) be on the lookout for bra-age in back. And if you're wearing a two piece ensemble, may I suggest low rise panties? This will ensure that great uncle Ed sitting in the pew behind you won't get a free show.

4- Expose more skin than you cover up. Want to know the quickest way to go from classy to trashy? Choose a wedding guest look that's unbalanced in terms of how much you show and how much you cover. When the amount of skin bare exceeds the amount of skin covered up, it's a recipe for a disaster (especially when attending a traditional religious wedding). So show a little leg, or show a little décolletage, but try to choose one or the other. And remember that shawls and pashminas are your BFFs!

5- Sport a hairstyle so bad, the ring bearer could've done it. Yes, braids are in right now and we heart braided updos. But messy, chunky braids slopped together in every which way is not a good look. Same goes for crunchy curls with enough hairspray to hold ten intricate wedding hairstyles.

What's the worst wedding guest look you've seen? We want to hear the bad and the ugly! Dish it below, or share your thoughts on Facebook and Twitter!

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