How To: Stock the Reception Bar Like a Champ

Posted by Azure on April 16th, 2013

A few weeks back, Jessica of The Budget Savvy Bride shared her best tips and tricks for pulling off a spectacular wedding on a dime.

When asked to divulge her single best budget wedding idea, she had this to say...

For my wedding, we found a venue that allowed us to supply our own alcohol, so we shopped at discount stores for our wine and beer for the reception. Cheapo Trader Joe's wine was disguised by custom wine bottle labels we DIY'd so no one was the wiser!

If you're savvy like Jessica and will be providing the booze and refreshments for your wedding bartender to mix up, it's crucial that you know how much of everything you'll need. And today, we break it down for you with our Stocking the Bar cheat sheet!

For every 100 wedding guests, you will need:

Beer - 4-5 cases

Champagne - 1 case

Red Wine - 2 cases

White Wine - 2 cases

Soda / Sparkling Water - 12 cases

Bottled Water - 6 cases

Vodka - 6 liters

Gin - 2 liters

Whiskey - 2 liters

Scotch - 3 liters

Bourbon - 1 liter

Rum - 4 liters

Tequila - 2 liters

Dry Vermouth - 2 bottles

Sweet Vermouth - 2 bottles

Of course, if you know that your wedding party or guests prefer a certain type of drink, you'll want to reallocate the amounts above accordingly.

So brideys, now that you're Stocking the Bar pros, you can take that mid-reception booze run right off the table! Cheers to that!

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