If You’re Saving It for Marriage… Is Bridal Boudoir Off the Table?

Posted by Azure on August 30th, 2012

After falling in love with bridal boudoir all over again thanks to this fabulous post over on Bitchless Bride, I got to thinking… Can brides who hold on tight to their V-cards until they're hitched get in on the boudoir action too? Or is such a sexy shoot off limits in cases where the groom has yet to see his bride in her birthday suit?

As with all wedding decisions, we say do what you want to do! Do what makes you happy! And if you’re a virgin bride with a spicy side, then get comfortable and let your hair down in a boudoir shoot. I can promise it will get your groom extra excited for the wedding night!

I’m curious to hear what brides and grooms who are saving it for marriage have to say about boudoir, though. Because if you believe that sex is so sacred that it can only happen in marriage, then is playing the part (lacy lingerie, bedroom eyes, and all) in front of a photographer even appropriate? I surrendered my v-card years ago (sorry mom and dad), so I can’t really speak to it… So nearlyweds and boudoir photographers, please weigh in!

Do virgin brides ever do boudoir? Or is having done the dirty a pre-req to take part in the fun? Sound off below, or tweet your thoughts to @OneWed!

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