6 tips to help you hire the right wedding makeup artist

Posted by Azure on October 18th, 2011


You’re getting married and you want to look fabulous when all eyes are on you. You already know you're calling on a pro to do your bridal makeup; after all, you’re spending big bucks on a great wedding photographer and those photos are going to be around f-o-r-e-v-e-r!! But how do you choose the right professional makeup artist for YOU?

A bride’s first instinct is to get referrals from trusted friends, and that's a great place to start. If you're the first one in your group to take the plunge (so referrals from friends aren't available), check out sites like OneWed and read reviews from past brides. When you find an artist who intrigues you and has glowing reviews, click over to her website and check out the portfolio. If you love the professional makeup artist's work and feel her style fits with your style, set up a trial consultation to work out the bridal look perfect for you. Here are some things to consider as you decide who to hire:

Does the wedding makeup artist...

1.  Ask you what makeup style you are comfortable with and what your ideal wedding day look is? Expect a good makeup artist to work out your look step-by-step and show you progress in the mirror at each point. This allows the artist to be sure they're on the right track and get back on track if they're not.

2.  Ask about your wedding plans, colors, hairstyle choices and flowers to get a feel for your wedding style? Your makeup should make you look and feel gorgeous in the flow of the whole day.

3.  Arrive on time for the appointment and stay pleasant? The lack of either will be a red flag for the actual wedding day!

4.  Use good hygiene standards? Clean brushes, disposable sponges/applicators, a fairly organized makeup kit-- all indicate the artist takes pride in protecting their clients and their professional reputation. Which leads to the next question...

5.  Have a professional demeanor? The makeup artist should be friendly and relatable but maintain a professionalism that will stand up to the often fast-paced and sometimes chaotic wedding day prep time atmosphere.

6.  Really listen to what YOU want and not try to force you into any look you are not comfortable with? It’s your big day to feel special and happy. When YOU feel pretty, everything is good!



When you like the artist and the look – sign the contract & check it off your wedding planning checklist!  Special thanks to Barbara at Bridal Artistry in DC for sharing these invaluable bridal beauty tips!

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