I Do or I Don’t to Bright Lips for the Wedding Day?

Posted by Azure on February 8th, 2013

I'm a little bit late to the lipstick game (I still need to master the art of applying it!), but everywhere I turn I'm seeing pretty bold & bright puckers in shades of magenta, neon coral, and vivid red. I LOVE this look, and hope to see more brides rocking it down the road.

There are risks, however, if you go with a bright shade of lipstick or stain for your wedding day.

Can you imagine looking at your photos for the first time, and seeing (gasp!) a smear of lipstick on your pearly whites? Or your groom looking like he just went to war with a M.A.C. makeup artist, sporting a rosy red ring around his perfect pout in all the pictures? Definitely not ideal for such an important occasion! So if you decide to wear a non-neutral hue on your blushing bridey lips, make sure to work with a professional to select the best products that will keep the color on your lips and nowhere else.

Now take a look at the gorgeous inspiration below, and keep these three helpful hints in mind when considering a bright lip color:

  • Bright bold lips should be paired with more understated eye makeup. So if you're married to fake eyelashes and a dramatic smoky eye, it's best to save the vivid lipstick for another time.
  • Bright lips look best with bright white wedding gowns.
  • The lipstick shade you ultimately choose should complement your skin's complexion. Work with your MUA to select your most-flattering shades.
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