Top 5 Makeup Trends for Summer

Posted by Azure on June 13th, 2013

Last night I had the pleasure of attending an event at Blow by Blow, a Chicago blow dry bar that happens to be across the street from the new Christian Louboutin store on Oak Street (talk about temptation!). The ladies of Blow by Blow showed us how to DIY the perfect blowout, how to achieve an easy breezy braided top knot, and...

What's on-trend for makeup this summer! Ready to hear the top five beauty trends? Let's go!

1. Full Bushy Brows - Using a matte brown shadow and angled eyeliner brush, begin with the inner part of your brow (where it's fullest) and work your way out. Once both brows are looking bushy and beautiful, trace over them with a Q-tip. This will remove any excess shadow and give you a more natural look.

2. Highlighting - This summer it's all about highlighting! Sweep a shimmery shadow beneath your newly bold brows then layer on a matte shadow in a similar shade. To highlight your face, use a foundation a few shades lighter than your natural skin tone, and apply it with a foundation brush above your brows, around the bridge of your nose, and beneath your eyes (blending out into your hair line).

3. Glossy Lips - Give your bright and bold lipsticks a break this summer, and choose a natural glossy pucker instead. This is one trend your groom is sure to adore, since it takes the dreaded lipstick kiss-off totally off the table!

4. Light Lids - Sorry smoky eyes, this season it's not all about you! Pale eye shadows, especially pinks and yellows, are IT for summer 2013. Any pastel shadow (matte or shimmery) will look great with your golden suntan and bushy brows, so consider investing in an eye shadow palette (like this one from Bobbi Brown) that will let you experiment!

5. Unique Liners - You don't need to run out and buy eye liners in every color to get in on this summer beauty trend. All you need is an angled eye liner brush and your existing eye shadows! Wet the tip of the brush and dip it in a shimmery white, ivory or other pale shade eye shadow, and sweep it along your lower lash line. For your liner on top, use a deep emerald or aqua green eye shadow and draw a thick bold line to really make your eyes pop!

Which of these trends will you jump on board for? And, what's your favorite summertime beauty staple? Share it below!

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