Weddings Going Once, Going Twice… SOLD to the Still Happy Nearlyweds!

Posted by Azure on October 18th, 2012

Would you buy someone else's dream wedding if you could get it for a steal? New kid on the block, Bridal Brokerage, hopes you say YES!

Knowing that over a quarter million weddings are called off each year, Bridal Brokerage is looking to create a secondary market where canceled weddings can be bought and sold. It's an interesting concept, and definitely makes sense... weddings are expensive, and require lots of money (and time from wedding pros) upfront. So with 250k couples aborting their wedding missions each year, a significant chunk of change is being left on the table, and millions of wedding vendors are left in the lurch (without the booked business they'd counted on).

But I can't help but think about karma and luck. And if purchasing a wedding package that has a defunct couple's stamp on it, would bring bad luck into the buyer's marriage (or planning process). On the other hand, I do love that Bridal Brokerage makes getting the luxe look for less easy. I mean, what's not to like about getting a $30,000 wedding for $10,000?

What do you think of the Bridal Brokerage concept? Is it a great way to stretch the wedding budget? Or cashing in on another couple's misfortune? Share your thoughts below, or join the conversation on Facebook and Twitter! We can't wait to hear from you!

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