The Mission

What happened to wedding planning?

When did it begin its drift toward an obsession with pulling off "the perfect day" and away from what's important: the marriage, the love, the celebration, and the people?

Our generation is correcting the course.

Our weddings are thoughtful, expressive, and reflective of who we are. We look ahead with fantastic imaginations. We look behind and embrace meaningful traditions. We challenge norms, and end up with a deeper connection to our decisions. We love to discover and imagine the dazzling to the DIY. We take joy in the details and embrace the journey. Our weddings are anything but rote.

Major wedding media companies haven't noticed our generation's shift.

They perpetuate the hype cycle and plastic images of "perfect weddings." That world is not true to our experiences where wedding planning can be just as tough, stressful, and trying, as it is exciting, fun, and magical. And they don't provide innovative technology to help plan, even though technology and social media are woven into the fabric of how we communicate, live, and plan.

OneWed is here to plan with couples.

From sparking imaginations, to providing practical help, to talking about the big hard questions with no easy answers. We provide the tools and support to make planning smarter and better - things like proprietary matching technology which helps pair couples with the perfect vendor, smart checklists ensuring event planning runs smoothly, wedding websites to communicate with your friends and family, and a community of other couples, experts, and newlyweds.

The happy couple

Wedding planning can be just as tough, stressful, and trying as it is exciting, fun, and magical.