The “Will My Wedding Be Deemed Blogworthy?” Bride

Posted by Azure on May 22nd, 2012

Special to OneWed by Casey of Casey Fatchett Photography

I just worry that my wedding is not going to be blogworthy.” There are few statements regarding my profession that make me sadder than this.

Trust me, I have been where you are - I got married last year. I also have six sets of friends getting married this year. And I have been to hundreds of weddings. Yes, hundreds! I know how much time and preparation goes into planning your special day. And I have one secret to pass along that will make your wedding day all the more enjoyable - don’t compare your wedding to anyone else’s.

Blogs and wedding magazines and (gasp) Pinterest are great sources of inspiration for couples planning their weddings, but they are not templates for how you ‘must’ do things. DO NOT feel that your wedding is not ‘living up’ to some imaginary standard. Because the “standard” is just that… imaginary. No one is telling you that your wedding has to be like the one in the magazine, or the one you went to last weekend, or the one just published on your favorite wedding blog.

For that matter, the wedding you see in a magazine or on a blog may not actually BE a wedding. It could be a styled photoshoot that took hours of preparation and styling for just a few pictures. Remember that your wedding is not a photoshoot - that may seem strange coming from a photographer, but it’s true! That is not to say that you will not get amazing, beautiful pictures from your wedding day. If you hire a wonderful professional wedding photographer you will get great pictures! But in the end, what those images should reflect is the story of your wedding day and your love for your spouse. And isn’t that what you want to see in your wedding photos when you look back 30 years down the road?

So stop worrying about and wondering if your photos will be featured in a magazine or on a blog, or if they'll be re-pinned like crazy… Just do you! After all, it is your wedding day, not someone else’s. Trends mean that something is popular, NOT that something is mandatory for every bride and groom. So look through all those pictures online or on magazine pages, and pick out anything that inspires you. Do your thing, and let other people do their thing. Your wedding will be much more awesome that way!

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