OMG This Bride Is Outrageous

Posted by Azure on June 24th, 2012

Ever considered singing yourself down the aisle because your dreams of becoming a Broadway star just didn't pan out? Well, this bride did, and she ended up looking ridiculous. Just watch the video below...

I love her face as she enters the church for the first time, waaay too happy to have all eyes on her, soaking up each and every moment. Oh, and her Christina Aguilera/Celine Dion singing motions... priceless.

And is it just me, or does the groom look slightly mortified that his bride is breaking out in song at THEIR wedding ceremony? I am truly at a loss for words, but definitely had a good laugh!

Is this real? I honestly can't decide (mind=blown). What do you think? Share your thoughts below or tweet us up! Thanks to Dana of Broke-Ass Bride for spotting and sharing this gem!

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