Ask About This Photo

Love the pic of the tulips. I live in Florida and can't grow tulips, but I am wondering about the bottles. Did you paint the outside, or do a glue rolled around in the inside? Exactly what did you use? I believe you put tape on the outside and then painted, then took the paint off to show the black bottle then painted the letters? What type of paint?
Here's the scoop on this DIY from Bravo Bride! By painting wine, water or beer bottles in the color scheme of your wedding, you are ensuring that you have eye-popping centerpieces your wedding guests will enjoy. Because there are so many different colors and types of paint, possibilities are endless on how you could to decorate the bottles. From incorporating chalk paint so that your guests can write you a memo to adding simple patterns that catch the eye, your guests will appreciate the artistic, and personal, touches that you added on your wedding day.