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Hello, I am coordinating a wedding and the bride likes this invitation. Can you tell me if this is a DIY Kit if so where can I find?
sorry for the delay....we received your query this afternoon. would you be able to share with me how you come about this card? We can easily create it for your bride using this pattern or a similar pattern. Was this found on a blog or ? Without knowing where the invitation originated it is hard to say if it is one of our vendors (we have thousands of cards to choose from) or is a self made item. If you are able to share more details as to vendor, make, item # we can better help you. If you are not able to find the info, then yes we can create this look for you easily. all the best to you in your search!
PS if you click on the BUY from ETSY link you can see where to get this exact item. If not, feel free to contact us. thanks!

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