Brown's Luxury Limousines
214 Rockingham RD
Londonderry, NH 03053
(603) 434-1757

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  • Variety : 3.0
  • Service : 3.0
  • Cleanliness : 4.0
  • Value : 3.0
  • 3.2

  • 2 Reviews
Review: night on the town+wedding
  • g b

  • Reviews Posted: 1

  • wedding and bachellerette party,,,,brown limo was excellent! drivers were on time, professional and cars were in excellent condition. compared with companies like grace,browns pricing is extremely competative. It is unfortunate that BIG BAD Grace Limo has had "goons" flood sites like these with lies.
  • driver was professional
  • friends and relatives
  • I was very happy,,,I will definitely use them again and recommend them

Overall Rating: 5.0 / 5.0

  • Variety : 5.0
  • Service : 5.0
  • Cleanliness : 5.0
  • Value : 5.0

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Review: Not worth the low price
  • jbro77

  • Reviews Posted: 3

  • Type of limo & transportation? Bling-level? Supposed to be a brand new Lincoln Navigator. Picked us up in an older black Lincoln Navigator without A/C on the hottest day so far of 2009.
  • Did the driver play along? Discrete? Allow shenanigans? He was a nice guy and did his best to make us happy. He was early and looked professional. The only bad thing I can say about him is that he was smoking outside the limo at the church and it was blowing our way during the pictures. He did a great job with the champagne toast though.
  • Who was in your entourage? the wedding party. A total of 10 people.
  • Happy? Meet your wedding transportation needs? Why or why not? I am not happy at all and would advise everyone out there not to use this company. We initially booked a 3 hour package and then months before the wedding we decided to upgrade to a 5 hour package. At that time it was no problem and our "white" limo was available all day. They claimed they would confirm everything with us prior to the wedding and then collect final payment at that time. They already had our credit card info on file because we had to give them a deposit at the time of booking. A week before the wedding we had not heard from them so we decided to call. It took them a while to locate our reservations and when they finally did they only had us down for a 3 hour package. Things happen so we did not get upset and they said our "white" Navigator was available all night so it would not be a problem to switch it to 5 hours. They also advised us that they already charged our card for the 3 hour package prior to confirming everything with us. We were not happy about that at all. Then they had to charge our card additional money for the 5 hour package. But everything seemed to be in order so we did not get upset yet. The week of the wedding the weathermen were calling for a record setting hot day. The forecast did not change at all the entire week and we were happy about our luck with the tricky New England weather. It was going to be 90* in April!!!! Well the day of the wedding the limo shows up and that is where things went downhill. First the limo was the wrong color and it was older. Next the driver advised us that Browns did not charge the AC yet and so we had no air conditioning at all. Keep in mind the driver picked us up at noon on a 90* day in a black limo. The guys were all wearing black tuxs and there are only two windows in the back of the limo and no sunroof. Lucklily it was only a 15 minute ride to the church so we just kept wiping the sweat and drinking lots of water. When my wife got picked up she was very mad about the limo and made the driver call the owner of Browns. The owner could care less about the mixup and the no air conditioning. He basically said that if we did not want the limo they were more than happy to leave. Keep in mind that the limo is in front of my wifes parents house picking them up 20 minutes before the ceremony is supposed to start. She had no choice but to hang up with the owner and get in the rolling oven. After the ceremony the limo was hotter inside than it was outside. We had about a 40 minute drive to the reception. We were all extremely uncomfortable and could not wait to get out. The driver apologized but that was not enough for us. Browns has done nothing for us or even attempted to resolved this issue. The only satisfaction I have is hoping that someone will read this and not use this company. It is not worth saving a little bit of money. I wish we had used Grace limo.

Overall Rating: 1.5 / 5.0

  • Variety : 1.0
  • Service : 1.0
  • Cleanliness : 3.0
  • Value : 1.0

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