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  • Personable : 3.2
  • Customized Ceremony : 2.0
  • Reliable : 2.0
  • Presence : 2.2
  • 2.4

  • 4 Reviews
Review: OMG!!!! Run don't Walk
  • Elvirantony

  • Wedding Date: 10/12/2013
  • Reviews Posted: 1

  • she was not my officiant she was my photographer, and she stunk. here we go.....SHE SAYS EVERY SIDE HAS TWO STORIES I GUESS ALL OF US THAT SHE HAS SCAMMED ARE WRONG!!!!!!! Where do I start the photos are loaded with pixels, blurry, and missing not to mention tasteless (she took pictures of my bare breasts as I was combing my hair not to mention she caught my daughter in her bra in the back round in the mirror her excuses are as large as the day is long. She will feed you a bunch of manure on how the pics being blurry is due to non-editing however, how is an out of focus picture have anything to do with editing. I am more than happy to share the garbage I received with anyone who would like to see before they spend their hard earned money, as I now had to have my dress dry cleaned rent another tuxedo as well as new photographer so that we can play reenact my wedding so I have something other than the trash I was given P.S. I didn't even receive all my pictures because videos taken show them in frames that I never received pictures of. My email is or (904) 729-1536 my name is Rachel Rodriguez- Gibbs. call anytime email and I will forward pics.
  • out of 5 hours i go 229 blurry pics only about 15 are useable
  • I spent thousands only to have to reenact my wedding
  • stay away from this vendor if you value your money and cherish your memories

Overall Rating: 2.2 / 5.0

  • Personable : 5.0
  • Customized Ceremony : 1.0
  • Reliable : 1.0
  • Presence : 2.0

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Review: Backed out day before our wedding
  • David H

  • Wedding Date: 09/10/2011
  • Reviews Posted: 1

  • Wedding officiant make you comfortable? Why or why not? Planned ahead and gave her the deposit for that date 9/10/2011 for a beach wedding as time got closer called and email an had to wait a day or two for her to call back every time
  • What did the officiant or clergy add that was unexpected? The week before the wedding she call and asked if we had a plan B because of the weather and we told her yes and all was good then paid her another $250 on thursday night and on Friday around 10am got a call from her saying (Were just going to go with plan B because there was a 40% chance of rain) we told her we Would let her know where to go around 1pm the day of cuz the wedding was at 7pm She said that would not work and needed to know right so we said the beach then and she came back with ( well I cant put my self in danger if it rain so you will have to find some one else the day before)WTF so she still has are money for the next 3to5 days plus we had to pay someone else $700 to do it last min

Overall Rating: 1.0 / 5.0

  • Personable : 1.0
  • Customized Ceremony : 1.0
  • Reliable : 1.0
  • Presence : 1.0

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Review: Unproffessional, Not Truthful, Zero Communication.
  • Katie C

  • Wedding Date: 03/06/2011
  • Reviews Posted: 1

  • Wedding officiant make you comfortable? Why or why not? Angela has been very rude to my father, she is very unreliable, i have asked for my wedding pictures and album for the past 11 weeks, to every week she has a different excuse. She has not made me feel comfortable, more embarrassed for even picking her in the first place!!
  • What did the officiant or clergy add that was unexpected? LIES!!!! that's what Angela added which was unexpected... i have to constantly email her, and after i have sent enough emails she finally replied with another "excuse" as to why i have not received the items promised. She then, even had the nerve to tell me to stop "hassling" her, after 11 weeks i am sure anybody would be hassling for things.
  • How did you personalize your wedding ceremony? Luckily, the ceremony itself went nice. Even though, no matter what happened me and my husband would have made the best of it. i was very disappointed with Angela's attitude.
  • Favorite wedding ceremony comment from guests? That they didn't know where to sit!!!! I asked at least 3 times for a rehearsal, but Angela didn't think it was necessary - so finally after receiving three negative reasons as to why not to have one i gave up. My mum when she arrived didn't even know where to sit, and if it was organized properly she would have sat completely different as she couldn't even see me!

Overall Rating: 1.8 / 5.0

  • Personable : 2.0
  • Customized Ceremony : 2.0
  • Reliable : 1.0
  • Presence : 2.0

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Review: Very Nice Wedding
  • Brandi H

  • Reviews Posted: 1

  • Wedding officiant make you comfortable? Why or why not? I was very satisfied with the services provided. My husband and I decided to get married within a week. We were stressed about finding an officiant to plan our wedding, but then we ran across this website. She talked to us and helped us pick a nice location for our wedding. She even helped us write our own vows and plan the ceremony. We were also about an hour late for our wedding, but she stayed there and waited for us and still gave us the special attention on our wedding day. She took lots of very nice pictures. It took a little while for us to get them on CD, but she emailed them ahead of time. She also scanned our marriage license so we had a copy sooner when we need it. She was very affordable and offered us great services in a short period of time.

Overall Rating: 4.5 / 5.0

  • Personable : 5.0
  • Customized Ceremony : 4.0
  • Reliable : 5.0
  • Presence : 4.0

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