211 N. Higgins #302
Missoula, MT 59802
(406) 544-1700

Missoula Photographers: NNDP

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  • Satisfaction : 3.0
  • Creativity : 3.0
  • Unobtrusive : 3.0
  • Value : 3.0
  • 3.0

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Review: Bad customer Service!!
  • cowgirl

  • Reviews Posted: 1

  • Loved MOSTof the photos. She did not get even on of our family pictures in focus!
  • We only received medium quality photos when we had it in the contract to get High Resolution. Youa will not return our emails and messages which tells me she is not willing to honor her contract! Don't use her unless you hold back at least half of her payment until you get what you were promised!

Overall Rating: 1.0 / 5.0

  • Satisfaction : 1.0
  • Creativity : 1.0
  • Unobtrusive : 1.0
  • Value : 1.0

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Review: We love this wedding photographer youa vang
  • Sara C

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  • What was your favorite wedding photo? My favorite wedding photo from Nkauj Ntsuab Designs and Photography was on with my husband and I leaning into each other right before our reception. It was a long day and I just wanted it all to be over with and she didn't need to take that photo while we were waiting for our elevator but she did and it was a special moment for me because I remember telling something to my husband at that moment. and no one else was there to see it. caught in the right moment.
  • How did the wedding photographer avoid disrupting the day? Great with candids? Action shots? Portraits? She came up close when she needed to but for the most part I feel like she remained out of the way. I love the candids of the children dancing. She just seems to know where to be at the right time. She checked in with us every now and then to see if we needed anything but she knew what she was doing and that's what counts. Really friendly, felt like a part of my family.
  • What was included in your wedding photo package? Albums? DVDs? Engagement pics? Two photographers? We got all our photos on a cd. She said they'd only print at 4x6 prints but we were able to do them at 8x10s with great quality too. We also got a hard cover photo book with about 40 pages that she designed herself. It's great, we keep it on our coffee table to share with family and friends. We got our engagements done by her too but it wasn't included in the wedding package we got.
  • How did the photographer make you and family comfortable? She's really smart and funny and sometimes has the right things to say to get us all going and laughing. I don't thinkg anyone felt like she was an outsider. Several people asked me how I knew her and whether we were friends. I'd be friends with her any day but I'd never met her before our consultation and wedding day. She's really great with people. I can't wait to do maternity photos with her when I get pregro.

Overall Rating: 5.0 / 5.0

  • Satisfaction : 5.0
  • Creativity : 5.0
  • Unobtrusive : 5.0
  • Value : 5.0

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