Mir Anwar Photography
2323 Eldridge Pkwy S
Houston, TX 77077
(203) 919-6215

Houston Photographers: Mir Anwar Photography

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  • Satisfaction : 3.0
  • Creativity : 3.0
  • Unobtrusive : 3.0
  • Value : 3.0
  • 3.0

  • 2 Reviews
Review: Beware!
  • Zana S

  • Wedding Date: 06/01/2012
  • Reviews Posted: 1

  • Mir Anwar has been an absolute NIGHTMARE for us and our families. Do your research before you even think to hire him. We tried everything possible to reason with this man and get our albums but finally have now filed a complaint in virginia. DO hire Mir if you want: 1 - to call, email, text your photographer repeatedly before he ever answers. 2 - to be repeatedly lied to and told your pictures will be ready in 4-6weeks then wait weeks before you are told the same thing again. 3 - him to cancel on your engagement session. 4 - to only have pictures of the bride and groom from the wedding; everyone else will either not be pictured or will have blurry pictures and you will be told THEY were not standing still so its not his fault. 5 - to only have 2-3 pictures with your immediate family at the wedding and even those will not be clear. 6 - him to try to trick you into giving up all your rights to your pictures. 7 - to not ever receive your wedding albums. 8 - to eventually file a complaint in court to get your wedding albums. If you are hiring him for the most memorable day of your life - think twice.

Overall Rating: 1.0 / 5.0

  • Satisfaction : 1.0
  • Creativity : 1.0
  • Unobtrusive : 1.0
  • Value : 1.0

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Review: Wedding Photography
  • Ahmed K

  • Reviews Posted: 1

  • How did the photographer make you and family comfortable? Every decision in a wedding is very crucial and important. Photography for me was HUGE! Mir was very friendly and easy going when we discussed all the details. The day of we didn't even know he was there and made us feel at ease when needed. Every picture is unique and he will put a preview or slideshow on his page highlighting the big day. We had a great experience with Mir and would recommend his services, which we have to many already.

Overall Rating: 5.0 / 5.0

  • Satisfaction : 5.0
  • Creativity : 5.0
  • Unobtrusive : 5.0
  • Value : 5.0

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