Schiffman Photography Company
1124 Bridle Ln
Richmond, VA 23229
(804) 397-8724

Richmond Photographers: Schiffman Photography Company

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  • Satisfaction : 3.0
  • Creativity : 3.0
  • Unobtrusive : 3.0
  • Value : 3.0
  • 3.0

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Review: Do NOT hire these amateurs
  • A M

  • Wedding Date: 06/12/2010
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  • Do not hire this company! They are extremely unprofessional and unreliable. We hired them to photograph our wedding and not only did they repeated fail to meet us at pre-wedding planning events but they basically extorted us to pay more money for the event that they contracted to photograph. Specifically, on the day of wedding, they emailed my wife, the bride and told her that they wouldn't show up unless she paid them an extra $800 because they claimed that our payment was late even though we had agreed to make the rest of the payment at a later date. We paid them because, being the day of the wedding there was no way for us to hire another photographer. To add insult to injury, Joe Schiffman has treated me with great disrespect throughout the whole process. Here is an excerpt from an email that he sent me, "Your images are being provided to you in RAW format (those are the ones we open in our software that costs us 1400 a year to maintain and upgrade each time a new version comes out). You've been provided all the services, images, and disks with all your images. What you do with them is up to you. Any images you see on those disks with your free preview software are called jpeg files. They are the printable files that we have opened, converted, and/or edited already and will not spend any more time on this already significant waste of time. My staff has been informed NOT to respond to you calls, EMAILS ONLY if there is any reason at this point for you to contact us other than to get the final word in this conversation over to us which I'm sure is what you will need to do as your unable to speak to any of our staff throughout your wedding, reception, and following your wedding. We have COMPLETED ALL aspects of our agreements with you and will no longer spend time, money, labor, expenses, or anything else no matter the terminology on this matter." Save yourself a massive headache and do NOT do business with these people.
  • Well to start they wore t-shirts at our formal wedding....
  • Well, they promised us five shots under our contract but then refused to provide those to us.
  • Made us feel extremely uncomfortable... see first entry

Overall Rating: 1.0 / 5.0

  • Satisfaction : 1.0
  • Creativity : 1.0
  • Unobtrusive : 1.0
  • Value : 1.0

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Review: This photographer is stellar
  • Jacqui H

  • Reviews Posted: 1

  • What was your favorite wedding photo? All of my photos are my favorite...but if i had to choose just one, it would be the photo of me, my partner and our child holding hands. it is such a sweet photo. it will be hanging in our living room for years and years!
  • How did the wedding photographer avoid disrupting the day? Great with candids? Action shots? Portraits? Joe, was everywhere, but you didnt knwo he was there. when i was looking at our gallery I was thinking where was he to get that shot>!?!??!
  • How did the photographer make you and family comfortable? He talked to us many weeks before, and the day before and day of..after the wedding he was on the phone and emailing us updates as to when to expect our gallery.

Overall Rating: 5.0 / 5.0

  • Satisfaction : 5.0
  • Creativity : 5.0
  • Unobtrusive : 5.0
  • Value : 5.0

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