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  • Joyful : 4.0
  • Connected : 3.8
  • Experience : 3.2
  • Executed Your Dream Wedding : 3.8
  • 3.7

  • 4 Reviews
Review: I enjoyed working with Tiffany!
  • Cathy L

  • Wedding Date: 02/06/2010
  • Reviews Posted: 1

  • We talked about what I was looking for and she made sure that I got everything that I wanted. I love the fact that she brings drinks to the bride and groom when they're taking pictures during coctail hour.. I mean, you get so thirsty and no one thinks about that.. but she did..
  • I knew nothing about what you're really supposed to do at a wedding.. I knew nothing about unity candle or anything! She also was my photographer.. and decorated the church reception hall the night before. She's wonderful!
  • I love Tiffany.. I'd recommend her to anyone and everyone! She's worth more than $100 DOC or even FREE planning.. She's the best!

Overall Rating: 4.5 / 5.0

  • Joyful : 5.0
  • Connected : 4.0
  • Experience : 4.0
  • Executed Your Dream Wedding : 5.0

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Review: Beautiful Baby Shower
  • Karri D

  • Reviews Posted: 1

  • How did wedding planner make your day special? She did a wonderful job..She planned and demonstrated a beautiful baby shower for my daughter. All we had to do is show up. It was well organized and decorated. I would highly recommend her for any upcoming events.When and if I get married again she will be my wedding planner!!!!
  • Useful suggestions, tips, wisdom your planner offered? The only wisdom she offered was to use her again but what she didnt know is I already had that wisdom..She will be part of all my upcoming weddings, baby showers, etc....

Overall Rating: 5.0 / 5.0

  • Joyful : 5.0
  • Connected : 5.0
  • Experience : 5.0
  • Executed Your Dream Wedding : 5.0

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  • Addison M

  • Reviews Posted: 1

  • How did wedding planner make your day special? It was absolutely beautiful! I really wasn't expecting much since I was contracted for FREE planning in exchange for review and pictures, but she went above and beyond what I had expected! First, she had great ideas to use during the reception and beautiful decoration ideas. During our first consultation, she got me thinking about things that I didn't think of before but knew I wanted in my wedding. On wedding day everything was in place. All we had to do was show up! She delt with all the vendors, spoke kindly to our guests. She got everyone in their places and it was just awesome! My husband was very impressed. He said for it to be free she sure did work her butt off! We were outside taking photos after the ceremony and she came out with drinks for us.. which we were sooo thirsty and our mouths were dry so that was very sweet! I absolutely loved her being apart of my wedding! We have now become really good friends!
  • Useful suggestions, tips, wisdom your planner offered? She offered song selection advice, took charge of the rehearsal and made suggestions about who comes in when that I didn't even know about! :)
  • How the planner reduced your inner-Bridezilla? She did everything for me! She even cut fruit for the buffet table! I didn't have to do a thing!
  • Value of a wedding planner? I would recommend her to everyone I know! If she was this good working for free, I can only imagine how great she'd be working for money!!

Overall Rating: 4.2 / 5.0

  • Joyful : 5.0
  • Connected : 5.0
  • Experience : 3.0
  • Executed Your Dream Wedding : 4.0

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  • Meg W

  • Reviews Posted: 1

  • How did wedding planner make your day special? she made it special alright, she didnt even show up! I had day of services contracted with her and the day of the wedding she was no where in sight, I called at 1pm and she says "didnt you get my message "cough" im sick" ! She did not even have the respect to call and cancel, And i had talked to her several times the day before my wedding she reassured me everything was going to be fine, well if she wanted to cancel she could have at least done it then she left me the day of my wedding with 5 hours until the ceremony to pull together everything ALONE! If i had known she was going to bail out I could have done what i could friday night and had friends and family help so i could have relaxed and not had a nervous breakdown on the day of my wedding, i checked the phone records and messages, there was none, I would not reccomend her unless you wanted to be let down, my wedding day was one of the worst days ever, and it sucks to think you only get this one day, one wedding and mine was ruined in a lot of ways and the majority would have been avoided if i hadnt been counting on her to come and do day of coordination and set up and if she had the respect and decency to at least let me know she wasnt going to be there, I ended up being 2 1/2 hours late for my wedding because i had to miss my hair and makeup appts, because i had to do everything she was supposed to be there doing, and i got married outside, it was planned for a sunset wedding by the lake so needless to say it was dark when we got married it would have been the way it was supposed to be if i had at least known and could have planned on her not being there earlier than 5 hours before the ceremony, and when i finally got a hold of her on the phone that day i was not mean i kept my cool and told her to feel better and she has not even called, emailed or anything since to see if the wedding went ok. I wouldnt reccomend her at all.
  • How the planner reduced your inner-Bridezilla? none, she didnt help anything just made it worse like i said some notice that your not even coming would be nice, i didnt go bridezilla until then, so if anything she made me become more of a bridezilla!
  • Value of a wedding planner? none, dont count on anyone but yourself and family you know you can trust!

Overall Rating: 1.0 / 5.0

  • Joyful : 1.0
  • Connected : 1.0
  • Experience : 1.0
  • Executed Your Dream Wedding : 1.0

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