Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel Tie the Knot! The $6.5M Wedding Budget Breakdown

Posted by Azure on October 22nd, 2012

After five years of dating, and masterfully dodging questions and rumors about engagements and impending I Do's, Jessica Biel finally got Justin Timberlake down the aisle! In what was (reportedly) one of the most expensive celebrity weddings ever... surprising, given the couple's low-key, no-frills reputation. So what major wedding budget line items cost Justin and Jessica the most? Read on to get the inside scoop...

Wedding day? Try wedding week! In the South of Italy. Remember Mark Zuckerberg's super simple Silicon Valley wedding hosted right in his backyard? Well... Jessica and Justin's celebration was anything but! The cost to fly 150 friends and family to Italy alone had to have been hundreds of thousands of dollars, especially if guests were sitting in business or first class.

The high cost of privacy. Jessica and Justin splurged on tight security from start to finish, and to keep the wedding location a secret up until the end, guests stopped in Germany before jetting off to Italy on Tuesday. Oh, and I do mean "jetting"... J+J booked private jets for their guests to travel the short distance from Germany to Italy! Maybe to sweeten them up before busting out the non-disclosure agreements upon arrival?

Days of entertainment. The festivities began two days before Justin and Jessica's ceremony on Friday. Guests were treated to beach parties with fireworks and live music, romantic bicycle rides, an excursion to an enchanted grotto, and more.

The sprawling venue. The couple chose the Borgo Egnazia in Fasano, Puglia for their wedding venue, and spared no expense dressing up the hotel (which was once an ancient fortress) for the occasion with loads of traditional white wedding blooms. The Borgo Egnazia is the top hotel in Fasano, so the cost to put 150 guests up for 5 (or so) nights was major.

We still don't know what the blushing bride wore down the aisle, or who dressed her and her groom. And we'll have to wait for the new issue of People Magazine to see the wedding photos. I'll be picking it up the second it hits newsstands, so stay tuned for a juicy update!

What do you think of J+J's pricey Italian wedding? If you had a limitless budget, would you splurge to the same extreme? Sound off below!

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