Fun Ideas for a Picnic Wedding Reception

Posted by The Broke-Ass Bride on August 13th, 2012

Late summer is a great time to have an outdoor wedding. Things start to cool down, there's a renewed crispness in the air, and it's the perfect time for a picnic! Wait ... what? Picnic? Wedding? YES.

For those of you who are scrambling for casual, fun ideas for a late-summer wedding outdoors, why not have a picnic wedding? Throw some blankets and pillows down on the ground. Scavenge some old picnic tables. Get your caterer to whip up some mini-sammiches and finger-lickin' desserts. There's a plethora of options! And of course you can always include lawn games as entertainment. Bocce ball, anyone?

I love how this idea incorporates wedding baskets as "centerpieces." What a fun way to display your florals!

Summer screams watermelon, but you don't want to ruin your gorgeous frock with the juices running down your chin. Why not serve up some watermelon Jell-O shots instead? It could be your signature cocktail? Mmmmmm.

And of course these cake forks and ice cream spoons would add that little extra flair to any place setting. It's all in the details, right?

What do you think about a picnic wedding? What would you add?

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