I DO or I DON’T to Facebook Status Updates Directed at Delinquent Invitees?

Posted by Azure on May 11th, 2012

I was on Facebook last night, and judging by all the wedding-centric updates dominating my feed, wedding season is ON like donkey kong! And that, my friends, makes me smile! I just love thinking about all the couples daring enough to take the plunge, and the incredible emotions they must be feeling leading up to the big day. But one update in particular (from a bride-to-be tying the knot this summer) caught my attention and made me think... HUH? It went something like this:

Hey Y'all! If you received a wedding invitation and have not RSVPd, pretty please do it now! (with a link to the couple's wedding website). And this wasn't the only update she posted like this. There were several.

Now, we all know that every nearlywed couple faces delinquent invitees who simply don't RSVP (until gentle nudging escalates to heavy prodding by the bride or groom). And I'm ashamed to say, I've been that flaky guest who receives a text message, call or private Facebook message because I have not responded. But posting an open call for RSVPs on your public Facebook page? It just doesn't seem right. And here's why...

Of my 1,500 Facebook friends, I'd say about 15% are "real" friends, and no more than 25% of that "real friend" group will be invited to my wedding. If you do the math, that's a whopping 56 people, no where close to the 1,500 peeps I'm sharing all my wedding biznas with. Not a very targeted message now is it, bridey? Plus, keeping up with private Facebook messages these days is hard enough. So I'm certain a wall post generally calling for RSVPs can't be all that effective. But I'm curious to hear what you think! Check out the questions below, then post your answers & share your thoughts via the comment section or with a tweet to OneWed.

I DO or I DON'T to using Facebook to stalk down late RSVPs? And, do you think this tactic would be effective?

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