2013 Grammy Awards: 3 Red Carpet Fails for Grooms to Avoid

Posted by Azure on February 11th, 2013

The Grammy Awards always bring both outrageous and amazing red carpet looks, but CBS took extra precautions this year by instating a strict dress code for attendees to follow. Unfortunately though, it couldn't save some stars from committing major fashion faux pas, and we're sharing our take with you today!

If you show your groom the three looks below, and he likes what he sees... you'd better keep a close eye on him while he's shopping for your big day! Because these red carpet outfits are anything but dapper...

1. John Mayer - Even with the great Quincy Jones by his side, it was nearly impossible to take John Mayer seriously in his oversized bow tie, ill-fitting slacks, and bold violet velvet sport coat.

2. Jack White - Black on black is not always bad, but Jack White took goth to the extreme at last night's Grammy awards. The Edward Scissorhands-inspired pale makeup and jet black bob didn't help to lighten up White's dark, spooky look, and the light silver pocket square seemed totally out of place.

3. Hunter Hayes of The Wanted - From the waist up, this red carpet look is not too shabby (although the sparkle throughout the suit and tie is a bit much for me). But once you pan down to the shoes and see Hayes' grungy Converse sneakers, you can't help but wonder, What was he thinking?!

Least favorite guy's look at last night's Grammy Awards? What do you think of the three duds above? Sound off below!

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