5 Fab Alternative Wedding Gifts for the Groom

Posted by Azure on September 17th, 2012

Most brides know that...

  1. A gift for the groom is on their list of wedding to do's
  2. A watch is the standard gift for the groom from his bride

But what if your groom has more watches than he knows what to do with (not a bad problem to have!), or just isn't a watch wearing kid of guy? Never fear! Because there are plenty of rad alternatives, each appealing to a different type of groom. Here are five to get you started...

A custom suit: By now, you should know your man's measurements! So surprising him with a suit made just for him should be a breeze. Work with a trusted tailor to create something timeless, so that the suit you gift your groom is something he can wear again and again.

A wedding band upgrade: Your groom popped the question with the blingy engagement ring of your dreams, so doesn't he deserve a covetable ring too? If your wedding band budget only allows for silver, gold, or mimimal frills and details, expand the budget as part of your wedding gift! Upgrade him to platinum (the strongest metal around), or a more intricate style featuring diamonds, engraving, etc.

A new set of clubs: Golf clubs, of course! If your groom loves to golf, and has been playing with a set of hand-me-down or entry level golf clubs, he will love you forever if you surprise him with an amazing set of clubs on your wedding day. Take a photo of the set and include it in the wedding card you give him on your special day. And if you're feeling extra generous, help him ship his new clubs to your honeymoon destination, and offer to spend one day hitting the links with him.

A mini moon: Hopefully your groom has been heads down planning the honeymoon of your dreams. But as the saying goes, once the honeymoon is over.... it's back to the grind! And back to reality! So what better way to surprise your groom than with a second mini moon you can take together months after being minted Mr. and Mrs.?! It'll give you both something to look forward to, and the perfect opportunity to relive and recap the romance of your major moon!

Lux luggage or a briefcase: If your groom is working his way up the corporate ladder, or is a jet-setter in his own right, this alternative wedding gift will help him look the part! A leather briefcase will never go out of style, and a coordinating set of luggage will ensure he's always traveling in style!

What do you think of these five gift alternatives? Will your groom receive a watch as his wedding day gift, or will you think outside the box and surprise him with something unexpected?

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